Tuesday night

Ok wassup, so I go over to sammys house down the road because she’s leaving to australia tomorrow for five days. Ye. So we’re sitting there in her bed and I wanna watch a movie. We finished the movie we started yesterday howls moving castle. Mean movie.  And then we watch (so I forgot what this movie was so I texted jam and asked her) “wait what movie did we watch after howls moving castle” and now I’m sitting here waiting for a reply but I think she’s asleep. Shit. Idk.  Anyway we watch that one and then jam drops me home and I just step foot into the house went upstairs got some food. Said hey to dad then woke up mum on the couch and told her “to go to bed lady”. They tell me to turn off the light downstairs chur you know what that means. I go to my room get a j and light up down the road. Ye! So I finish really quick and get to like an [8]. Niiiiiiice. I just step foot into the house and then jam rings me.

“wassup”.  I say
“hey what you doing J” jam says
“kickin it… wbu” I say
“in bed J he he im cold”.  Jam says
“get a blanket” I say.
“…mmmmm I love you and miss you” jams says
“yea baby I miss you too” I say
“(awkward text silence)” jam says.
“anyway I got really stoned and yea gotta go.” I say
“I love you” jam says
“yeah I love you, sleep well jam ”I say and hang up.

Now im up stairs sittin on my laptop readin about lord of the rings tree creatures got bored and then I started writing this. Oh yeah I made some coffee aswell. Later.